2019 Fall December 14 Saturday

 39  Degrees the morning, 76% humidity 

Yesterday was a wonderful day, if a little cool, high of 62 degrees.  At least no wind or rain and somewhat sunny.

Feeling better, still occasionally cough. Rib cartridge (or whatever) still hurts.  Not quite ready to start regular exercise again, hopefully won’t be long.  

Probably wait until after our vacation now (it is close), since I don’t want to get sick on vacation.  

Glad the weekend is here.  While I enjoy my job, I look forward to the weekend also.  The problem with my job is just like my personal life, not enough time to do what I want!

I might have to watch “Soylent Green” again.  I read that the lying cower lunatic and his coward toadies are  going to let oil companies pollute our streams and groundwater so he can get a bunch of donations I am sure.  Or promises of coward “dark money” illegal donations   

 I am sure a lot of the coward toadies who run the anonymous hate and attack ads get their money from the lying coward lunatic and his toadies “relaxing” the regulations to encourage pollution in the search for “profits”.   Hopefully there will be a special place in Hell for them, and not a good place.

Looking for another VPN again.  I especially would like to use one on vacation.  For some reason I haven’t had much luck with VPN.  My first one was just way too slow.  The last one worked great for a while and then developed problems when I tried to launch it.  

When I complained, they responded with a lot of archaic instructions and I told them to just cancel it.  I don’t have to deal with that.  Of course, regardless of their promise I could “cancel anytime,” they advised they will “cancel at renewal”.  So much for honest advertising.  

I’ll find something that will work.  Somehow it seems this should be something that is on your computer and automatically launches when you connect, or at least be an option when you connect.  

When I was in China, I had to have one to check the Internet, since Facebook , etc., were blocked in China and you had to have a VPN to check them.  Overall it worked well.

I like to use one on any public wifi, just as a matter of safety, which is why I think it ought to be standard on any computer.  

Kind of like a “dash cam” for cars, I think it is something that should be  at least an option.  If it was integrated into the car it wouldn’t be easy to steal , etc. 

That’s it for now, Saturday, December 14, 2019.

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