2019 Fall December 15 Sunday

33  Degrees this morning, feels like 25, 95% Humidity.

Chance of rain later today.  Hopefully the chances will stay low!

Another wonderful although cold day yesterday.  High of 46, but no rain or wind.

Feeling much better, still have some pain in my ribs.  Hopefully can start to gradually get back to exercise starting today.  (Stationary Bicycle.)  

Heading out for vacation in the near future.  It is just starting to seem real.  I will be glad to get to warm weather, even if just for a few days.  

I have used “TripAdvisor” to sort through restaurants and places we might want to visit.  (or places we don’t want to visit)!.  

I have to assume a lot of the “ratings” are fake, but I also have to assume most of them are somewhat valid and gives some indication of the quality.  

It is hard to determine some of the distances.  I am trying to use Google maps  to orient myself.

Update on the iPhone 11 Max, it is great.  Most nights when I take the phone to recharge for the night, the battery has 70% or so left, so it uses very little battery.  

While I am still learning all of the “swipes,” , etc., it is really intuitive and easy to use.  Makes it difficult to go back to my “work phone” the iPhone 6+!

No doubt the best iPhone so far, although the latest iPhone should always be the best!  I never really cared much for the iPhone 6, but that may have just been a personal preference.

Saturday was an overall good day.  Strange eating day, ate a hamburger for breakfast and pizza for Lunch and Dinner (left over from lunch).  Not bad for an occasional change of eating pattern!

Started off the day watching a “dance recital” of a Granddaughter, which was fun.  It was short and fun and it can’t get any better than that!  

I think it is good that kids have access to programs like that.  While very few of them will ever be professional or even continue, I think it is good that they have the experience, especially of performing.  

As I have noted before, I still remember my first speech and I can still remember the first visit to my school by a highway patrolman.  

Still watching “Blacklist” on my lunch breaks and occasional breaks at Starbucks.  I always think I will get bored, but so far it has generally retained my interest. 

“Blacklist” has story lines I don’t  really care for, but then another story line come along that keeps my attention.  I always look forward to watching it.  At some point I will run out of episodes, although I understand it is currently being broadcast.

That’s it for now, Sunday, December 15, 2019. 

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