2019 Fall December 18 Wednesday

26 degrees this morning, feels like 20 degrees,  65% humidity

Yesterday was very cold for this area.  Not all that bad, since there wasn’t any wind, but still cold!

Still some coughing and occasional rib pain, but overall feeling a lot better.  Still coughing as a reaction to cold weather which makes it difficult to exercise. 

Recently I heard the issue of a “Cyberwar” bought up again as one of the hazards we are facing.  Cyberwar referring to another country or whatever attacking our computer systems that run the financial system, utility systems , etc.  

A Newsletter I read mentioned this several months ago and since then I see the hazards of a cyberwar mentioned this as a major threat and I continue to see signs of it. 

One example is the “extortion  ware” that freezes computers unless you pay a “ransom”.  Many cities , etc., have been victims of this.

I have to wonder what would happen if they froze a lot of computers , etc., and did’t request a ransom?  

If they could freeze many of the financial institutions, utilities , etc., that wouldn’t even really be a “cyberwar” in a sense, but it would have the same effect.  

I figure if a foreign country can impact our elections, I figure they can affect anything.  

What is really scary is with all the interdependence  of all of our financial, transportation and utility systems, any stoppage will affect anything.  

The obvious is the utility system, even a small electrical system can actually impact a major area due to the interdependence of the electrical grid.  

Everything now depends on a interdependent transportation, and one small outage can impact the entire country.  All of our food medicine , etc., depends on this system and it is really scary to think of the impact.

Of course, in the middle of this, the lying coward lunatic and his coward cronies are only concerned about playing golf and enriching himself, sending out cowardly, childish “tweets” and flying around at taxpayer expense for “political rallies” which are nothing more than hate filled, racist childish tantrums.  

He has appointed so many incompetents who know they can’t criticize the little baby or he will throw a tantrum and he changes his mind so much they don’t take any action in terror of upsetting the lunatic.  

They all are living in a ivory delusional world tweeting  while the world is destroyed by their incompetence and depravity.  

That’s it for now, Wednesday, December 18, 2019.  

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