2019 FallDecember 19 Thursday

36 Degrees this morning, feels like 29 degrees, 46% humidity 

Yesterday was relatively cold, but with no wind wasn’t that bad.

My ribs still hurt some, but much, much better.  Cough is still a problem when I hit cold weather.  

Cox Cable really disgusted me tonight. 

Briefly, a year ago, I agreed to a “firm” 2 year rate, without any increases.  Of course, as always with Cox communications, their first priority is how much money they can ripoff, so I made sure it was actually a “firm” 2 year rate.  

So of course after one year I see an increase of almost 10%.  I called up and was advised that the “rate was the same, but I had a one year ‘promotional rate” which of course  they didn’t bother to tell me about.

What REALLY enraged (that is the right word) is that I called and the “customer service” person (a real joke), refused to listen to me, refused to let me talk to anyone else, said she was the “highest” I could go , etc.  Of course I just hung up rather than waste my time.  

I have never talked to a more hateful, uncaring, “customer service” person.  

I then called Cox itself and of course got the same stone-walling.  

I will be heard and I will put aside a certain part of each day to call Cox and insist they send me proof that I had a “one year promotional rate”.

The “highest” person said if they lied, tough!  I really wish I had recorded the conversation, it was a picture case of someone not listening and not caring.  

 I will notify the City and request that they not renew the Franchise for the company in the City.  I also will file a FCC complaint.  I am sure that the Franchise Agreement has a provision for complaining other than being told “tough, so we lied”.  

Of course, most of all, we will start looking for a new service provider, someone who is honest and doesn’t lie or mislead customers.  (Which may be very hard to find.)

Anyway, such blatant poor customer service is probably a violation of FCC rules.  

It may be time to become a “cord cutter” but we still would need to buy the internet.  

Anyway, I will work on it a little at a time.  It is important to be persistent in demanding decent customer service from a company that has a franchise agreement and refuses to discuss complaints and continually lies about its rates.  

People talk about government bureaucracy, it is nothing compared to a customer unfriendly, monopoly, money grubbing private company like Cox, who really knows they don’t t have to listen and don’t.

That’s it for now, Thursday, December 19, 2019.

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