2019 Fall December 20 Friday

44 degrees this morning, 42% humidity 

Weather yesterday as about as has been, cold, but no wind or snow , etc.  

Ribs , etc., were started to feel a lot better, in fact I had generally forgotten about it when I coughed and pulled something else.  Hopefully just the same thing, but it is very painful when I cough.  I would just quit coughing if I could, but that is not an option! Hopefully I just pulled a muscle or something.  

A major mall in this area had a shooting last night. (Probably a personal matter.) Makes you wonder what the Governor and legislature were thinking when they approved “criminal carry” where anyone can haul around an assault weapon if they want without any kind of training.  

There have been severaL similar shootings in this state since criminal carry was legalized 

Nothing against guns, but  the “wild west”  concept allowing guns without any training or permit and carried anywhere is not the answer.   Makes it too easy to use guns in a fit of anger. 

I really think it is a form of bullying.

The lying coward lunatic is a disgrace to the United States, much less just the Presidency.  Almost worst are the boot licking cowards who defend his sick comments and actions.  He is seriously mentally ill and should be removed based on the 25th amendment, must less impeachment.  

When I see the lying coward lunatic with the loose jawed “supporters” in back of him, I really wonder about there really being people like that in the United States.  

When I hear his Press Secretary, I really wonder how anyone can be so needy for a job they grovel and lie and try to defend the indefensible.  

On a different subject, I have never understood the advantage (in face it seems there area a lot of disadvantages) to the Amazon “one click”.  What is even worse, when you buy a “digital book,”  Amazon “forces” you to buy a digital book with “one click”,m which leads to errors.  

I accidentally ordered a physical book (had to wonder at $9.95 for a trash paperback) when I meant to order a digital book.  Returned the book, but they told me to keep it. I’ll donate it or leave it for someone to read.  

Maybe since I get most of my books from the Library (except for digital books), I may not have realized how physical books have increased in price.  This seemed like a $4.95 book, but maybe I am now aware of the pricing situation.  Anyway, I’ll remain ignorant on this, “Ignorance is bliss”. 

I don’t get digital books or audio books from the library, since it is just too much of a hassle.

That’s it for now, Friday, December 20, 2019.  

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