2019 Winter December 25 Wednesday

79 degrees this morning, 94% humidity 

Beautiful day yesterday, after an early morning rain.  The humidity dropped, the sun came out and our guide said the “dry season” weather had started.  Anyway, it was beautiful weather. 

Out last full day in Panama City.  We went to the Panama Canal Visitors Center, (which is excellent) and watched some of the huge ships go through.  We also visited some of the places and ate lunch in a local restaurant.  

I couldn’t help but think how “gray” everything will look when we get home after the green and color of Panama!  Everywhere you look there are trees, plants and flowers.

Panama City has a lot of “hills” that are actually inactive volcanos.  I don’t know how they decided they are permanently inactive.  I assume since there are trees on the sides, they are inactive, since the trees couldn’t grow on a hot volcano!

We were going to continue our tradition of eating at the Hard Rock Cafe, but the air conditioning had gone out (I assume temporarily) in the entire mall, so we decided quickly not to eat there!

Christmas Eve is a big celebration here in Panama City, with fireworks at midnight.  We like fireworks ok, but don’t see any reason to stay up past midnight.  

We didn’t wake up for the fireworks, so we must have been tired!

We had a taste of Christmas Eve traffic yesterday (fortunately we weren’t driving).  It is amazing how they drive with very few traffic signals.  It is a matter of very aggressive driving (getting into the lane or anything)  but also giving way before you get hit. As I mentioned the motorcycle delivery drivers  adds to the chaos. 

I saw the first “inverted street” I’ve ever seen today.  “Inverted” means the lanes change, and if you normally drive in the left lane, you drive in the right lane.

The inverted street was set up to avoid dangerous left turns and generally make sense, if they are marked as such.  (They aren’t.)

We “went shopping” for some Christmas gifts this year.  It was an interesting experience.  They call t-shirts “sweaters” here which could lead to some confusion. 

The ‘backpack” experiment actually worked fairly well for me and (if I am correct) wonderful for Aliene.  I think I will need to get a smaller backpack so when I arrive I will have a smaller backpack at my destination.  

I used only my iPhone camera and didn’t miss my other camera at all.

Heading out to the Airport for the trip back.  

That’s it for now, Wednesday, December 25, 2019.


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