2019 Winter December 26 Thursday

 48 degrees this morning, 89% humidity

Yesterday obviously varied a lot, since we started off in Panama City, but basically it was sunny and nice in all places.  Temperature obviously changed a lot.  

Literally all of the day was either spent in an airplane, in an airport or going, etc., to or from the airport.  Fortunately we had good seats on the planes and at the airport.  Panama Air Security was really strict and somewhat of a hassle, but I assume they have a lot of challenges there also. We had to go through security when entering the terminal and then when boarding the aircraft. 

Looking back, it was a great trip.  Obviously the Panama Canal (in my opinion) was the top experience, but we had a lot of experiences that were close  

Certainly the lunch on the beach was wonderful, as was the tours of different parts of Panama.  We loved the old town and the modern city.  

We especially enjoyed our experiences with the Panama people.  One that sticks in my mind is the restaurant where the staff didn’t speak English and we didn’t speak Spanish.  We communicated some by Google Translate, but mainly by facial expressions, hand gestures , etc.   

What was really interesting was that the server, who was a very young woman, started asking us questions about where we were from , etc., showing a true interest in us as people.  Basically a trait of most of the Panama residents.  

We could get two English speaking TV channels, CNN and BBC.  Of course we weren’t there to watch tv anyway, but I got so tired of them spreading the vicious lies, personal attacks and other sneezy scummy actions by the lying coward lunatic and his coward toadies.  

I also noted in the internet newspapers how they spread his lies, lying personal attacks and his juvenile behavior.  They prove they are lies in other stories, but why spread them in the first place?

The lying coward lunatic, a proven chronic liar, coward, criminal and speaker of vicious untrue personal attacks has forfeited the right to be treated as a president as have coward toadies forfeited the right to be viewed as anything  but two-bit coward  political hacks who cower around the lying coward lunatic making sure they tell the lying coward lunatic only what he wants to hear.

Talk about isolation from criticism and the inability to live in the real world.  Scary to think these characters are destroying the country. 

Taking a couple of days off after vacation, time to kind of get reoriented and get some things done.   

Completion of the Panama trip is actually a major shift in my life.  For the past few months a lot of my time has been spent on researching Panama for our trip.  Suddenly I no longer will be researching Panama in my spare moments.  It is like a major change in my life.

That’s it for now, Thursday, December 26, 2019.

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