2019 Winter December 27 Friday

 378 degrees this morning 59% humidity 

Back to the cold weather!

Yesterday was another nice day, Sunny and cool.  Rain is coming in tomorrow.  

Kind of a day of recovery, I guess you would call it. Caught up on a little sleep, unpacked , etc.  

Preparing for our family Christmas this weekend etc, family visiting , etc., so we have been keeping busy.  

I prepared a slideshow of my Panama pictures, all 368 of them.  I still need to “weed” out some and also add in Aliene’s pictures.  I don’t know that I will add  a title to each picture,  but I would like to add a brief description to at least some of them.  

I also made a slideshow of our previous trip to the Grand Canyon.  

I like preparing  slideshows and adding music.  I just kind of got away from it.

Several years ago, I made a slideshow and added my “original” music to it as a soundtrack.  By “original,” I mean I made up music of my own that I made up in the Garage Band program.  

I uploaded it to YouTube basically just to prove I could do it.

I was shocked several months laster to see some company had claimed the rights to my music.  I didn’t protest it but I should make money off of any small royalties they would receive.

YouTube has an amazingly difficult maze you have to go through to flight someone stealing your original work  stern warnings about being banned if you attempt to fight it and didn’t succeed.  

It seemed like Youtube was taking the side of the thieves.  

I proved I could do it and didn’t really have any reason to do more projects  and I’m sure any money involved was small so I dropped it. 

I am thinking of starting to compose original music again, and I want to make sure it doesn’t get stolen 

I never really tried to contest it, so I can’t complain, but I assume it was some kind of program that went around claiming music , etc., that wasn’t theirs hoping that pennies would add up to big dollars if they stole enough rights. 

That’s it for now, Friday, December 27, 2019. 

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