2019 Winter December 28 Saturday

60 Degrees this morning, 84% Humidity. Wind 16 mph. 

Temperature is higher this morning than the overall high for yesterday!  Forecast is for rain most of the day.

Miserable day (weather wise) yesterday, low of around 34, high of 50.  Little sun, windy, occasional  rain mists.

Today is supposed to be worse.  

Haven’t mentioned my cough for a while, primarily because I am tried of bringing it up.  It is still there and anytime I am around cold, or exercise , etc., it kicks in.  At other times, it kicks in for no reason.  

The Doctor called in some medicine for me, I doubt that it works, but I’m willing to try anything.  If I have a reasonable opportunity, I try to make sure I emphasize it is asthma or something like it and not contagious.

Still not feeling 100%, but not feeling bad enough to just go to bed (thank goodness).  The main thing I don’t like about being sick is the absolute loss of time from not being at full capacity. 

Unfortunately for our “family” Christmas Party, a sickness bug is going around, we may need to cancel or postpone the Party.  It will be difficult to reschedule it since everyone has other plans for the next several days prior to New Year Day.

The football bowl gams are starting, or at least the ones we care about.  I always think how difficult it must be to be “off” for a month and then be expected to perform at their pea.  I guess the good ones learn how to deal with it.   

Haven’t watched any NFL football games all season, probably will watch the playoffs, or at least the teams I am somewhat familiar with.  I grew up with the Kansas City Chiefs, but I’m not sure if they are in the playoffs this year.  I’ll see.

Everyone has their own preference as to which sports they like, which is good.  While Baseball is somewhat slow, that is one thing I like about it.  I agree there are a lot of ways they should modernize baseball, as always it is how and what is appropriate.

We realized we were short some Christmas presents today and so had to run out and try to figure out some decent gifts. That’s kind of the way it used to be for me all the time  

I think the definition of a “gift” is being something that they want, but wouldn’t buy for themselves.  Easy to say, hard to implement.  

That’s it for now, Saturday, December 28, 2019.


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