2019 Winter December 29 Sunday

 38 degree this morning  88% humidity

Miserable day yesterday, 60 degrees but  very cold rain most of the day with a fairly heavy rain.  Miserable to be outside.  

Watching the college football games reminding me again of the unique unfairness of the “targeting” call, which kicks a player out.  While I can certainly understand the need to protect the players, the “targeting” call is capacious  and judgmental and called incorrectly much of the time

Yesterday, whether called correctly or not, it basically changed the games.  

I will probably stop watching college football if the “targeting” penalty is not changed to just a yardage penalty like all other penalties.  Most of the time college football is rather boring anyway, so I won’t be missing much.  I read or work while I watch college football anyway, so I won’t gain a lot of time, but I will gain some time.

I saw an article where “Youtube” had basically  taken away the right a video maker to charge advertisers for his showings (or whatever you call it).  A lot different from my case, but the same example of making appeals difficult and just denying all appeals , etc.  To be honest, I didn’t read the article, just scanned it.  

I don’t care to watch videos, and I really don’t understand the appeal of videos.  They take time and just aren’t worth the time to me.  I don’t even like to watch instructional videos, I would just as soon use written instructions, as long as they are written concisely and well.  

The lying coward lunatic has obviously lost all sense of reality with his insane tweets and obviously pathetic  attempts to buy the next election with taxpayer funds.  Hopefully enough people will see through this insane idiot and his cowering coward toadies.

In his second term he would destroy Social Security and Medicare, and all of the “safety net” and environmental laws to  benefit and shovel more tax dollars to his donors, buddies and lobbyists.  He would have nothing to lose so he would go completely bonkers and try to destroy the low and moderate income citizens and rip off billions for his failing trump enterprises.  

The billionaire and large company tax break he gave that increased the national debt by trillions will catch up with him, as will his insane and ignorant “trade war” that he obviously lost.  This will destroy the economy for years to come.  

His appointment of incompetent, young inexperienced paid off political hacks as “judges”  will create problems for decades, probably requiring laws to remove them.

Hopefully the madness will stop at this election.  

That’s it for now, Sunday, December 29, 2019. 

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