2019 Winter December 30 Monday

 35 degrees this morning  69% humidity 

Generally cold and cloudy day yesterday.  Not a great day, but one more day of Winter gone.

Finally gave up and went to “convenient care,” which is a place our Hospital has you can go without an appointment and see an excellent Nurse Practitioner , etc., and get prescriptions if necessary.  
Anyway, I have a small case of pneumonia, she gave me some prescriptions and I feel a lot better, still some coughing but not near as bad.  Thank goodness I am feeling better.  

Today is my first day of work since Thursday, December 19.  I certainly enjoyed the vacation etc, it will be nice to get back to work and especially finish up some of the projects. 

Had our “family” Christmas today, with some absences due to illness , etc., but still very enjoyable?  It is always great to see everyone enjoy Christmas.  

I will be enjoying  the extra food for some time, which always is nice!  

Disappointed that the Christmas music has already disappeared from XM radio.  Another Christmas season soon will be past. 

Five of the eight “Work Holidays” during the “Holiday seasons are gone.  It is hard to believe eight of the eleven yearly holidays are during a 4 month season with 5 in basically a 35 day period 

One hyped item that is ever better than the hype is the cameras on the iPhone Max Pro.   The camera is probably worth the price of the phone, although I would actually pay that for just a camera. 

The camera is so much better in low light situations and the zoom is absolutely unbelievably good.  

The fact it then goes to all my other computers , etc., is absolutely wonderful, makes it very easy to use the photos.

I need to stat “weeding” out the photos I don’t need,  Digital photography encourages you to take a lot of pictures, which comes the obligation to delete the photos that aren’t so good!

One thing about the iPhone Max Pro is the ability to frame your photo so much better.  I still haven’t gotten it all learned yet but I learn (I hope) from experience.

That’s it for now, Monday, December 30, 2019.

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