2010 Winter January 1 Wednesday

40 degrees this morning, 49% humidity

Must better than originally forecast for this morning, forecast was for around 27 degrees.  I’m not complaining!  This is also the lowest humidity I can remember here.  

Beautiful day yesterday, after an early morning cold of around 26 degrees  High of about 60 degrees and sunny. Not a bad day for my first field day for several weeks.

Coughing , etc., is getting better.  Having some small side effects from the medicine, but I’ll take it compared to the other.  Hopefully looking forward to getting back to exercise again.  While I try to take the “long route” of walking , etc., it isn’t near as good as just getting out and walking, swimming or biking and I really miss that aspect of my life right now.

I think I always worry that this will be the time when I can’t get back into it. 

January 1, 2020, a new year and decade. As I mentioned, don’t really have any Resolutions other than to continue living each day to the fullest!  

I know there will be major changes in our lives, if not this year, then in the decade.  On January 1, 2030, we will be 10 years older and society and our culture all have 10 years of what I assume is rapid change.  

I’m not sure if on January 1, 2010, I really considered what would happen in the next ten years.  Certainly some major changes in a lot of areas.  While there were some major sudden changes, most of the changes were incremental.  

Actually eight new children joined our family (on all sides), which is quite a change in itself as a new generation is born and the generation taking flight in 2010 started their own families. 

Of course the worst event was the “election” of an incompetent, delusional, lying coward as president who only appoints cowering incompetent cowards who tells him what they think he wants to hear.  If he happens to appoint someone competent, they are soon gone with a childish, boorish tirade by a coward who hides behind Twitter as he lays in bed and gouges on fast food and watches trash news.  

What a disaster for our nation and society that this scum has any authority and worse yet the people that support him and allow  this disaster to happen as they sell their souls to get more money or whatever.

Anyway, hopefully 2020 will bring major changes and this lying coward won’t be able to steal another election with the assistance of the Russians and his coward toadies.  

If everyone started squealing the “big lie, always blame someone else” like this lying incompetent coward does, we couldn’t believe anyone,

Looking forward to a day of relaxation and enjoying the first day of the year and decade.  Maybe a small Resolution not to eat too much today!  There is still some illnesses going around in the family which is always a concern. 

That’s it for now, Wednesday, January 1, 2020.

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