2020 Winter January 2 Thursday

48 degrees this morning, 81% humidity

Weather-wise a wonderful day yesterday, 

I am feeling much better from my respiratory problems. However there is some kind of stomach virus going around (not the flu, although that is also) and is making a lot of people very sick.  

I won’t go into detail, just say I don’t want it,

It did make for an unexpected calm and introspective New Year Day.  Many people were just too sick to do anything but try to recover.  

Actually I didn’t do a lot of introspective thinking, just did some general planning for the year, figure out all of my absences, worked on Evernote a little and started to think about investments and taxes for the year.  

I think I finally have my Calendar in my mind where I remember to add events (as soon as I learn about them, no matter how little time I think I have).  That helps a lot!  The more dependable my calendar becomes the more likely I am to use it,  The more I use it, the more likely I am to add my activities too it!

It helps a lot that the “alert’ function is so good.  

One of the big problems with my job is I am expected to make appointments for some types of items.  Of course, that is fine, except that it ties up your day, especially if you have an appointment way out of my normal pattern that day, thus adding a lot of non-productive time. 

If I don’t have to make appointments, I can schedule my day much better.  However, the calendar helps me stay efficient.  

I can’t say as much about the “reminders”.  Even if I remember to add a “reminder,” I normally forget to check for it.  Of course, the logically action would be to put a note on my calendar to check my reminders at times during the day!

Actually, Evernote has an excellent reminder system, but I need for it to go to my text, not my e-mail.  I know if I forwarded more e-mails to Evernote, it would help out a lot.

I wish the “reminder” app on the Apple worked better, or maybe I need to learn how to use it better!  

A lot of it is just using “deep thinking” time to concentrate and just accomplish some of projects I am working on.  Most of them are just one “deep thinking” session away form being accomplished.  

First day of work in 2020 today, my major problem is going to be to remember it is 2020 and not 2019! 

That’s it for now, Thursday, January 2, 2020

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