2020 Winter January 3 Friday

42 degrees this morning, 82%humidity 

Overall nice day yesterday, high of around 58, sunny.  

I had an “office day” yesterday, so I hope today is the same or better since I have a “field day” tomorrow.  Always nice to have good weather on a field day.  

Probably one of the more unusual New Year starts, with all of the illness , etc.  A very quiet New Year Day , etc.  I do recall one Christmas a few years ago (well, like 22 years), I had the flu over a 4 day Christmas weekend and just laid in bed and felt more sick because I was losing my 4 day Holiday!

I hate to get sick on Holidays, although sometimes I feel maybe there may be some psychological reason.  Your responsibilities  suddenly decrease and you allow yourself to be sick!  Maybe not, but you never know.  

Anyway, I am already looking forward to the next 3 day Holiday!  One more after that in February and then the long drought until Memorial Day. 

I will kind of try to plan vacations, so there are breaks.  I love my work, but also I realize the value of getting away.  

One problem with using Apple products is for some reason, the web browser (Safari) is always one of the last ones to be updated for new programs. 

Even my bank (fortunately our secondary bank), “bill pay” suddenly wouldn’t work, and they told me that the their IT advised them Safari wouldn’t work yet, although they are “working on it”.   

They thought Google Chrome or Firefox would work on it but, it means I need to drag out my user name and password and try them in a new browser.  I really don’t understand how they don’t consider the huge Apple computer user component.  I really Microsoft has about 10 times the users, but Apple is surely significant .  

It is funny, they gave instructions for what to do in Safari and now I find out it doesn’t work anyway!  

I always hated the excuse “Working on It’ and tried to make sure we never used it  (Water line Break, “working on it”, power out “working on it”, pothole repair “working on it”. )

I always thought it was better to provide some kind of schedule, especially if you emphasize it is a tentative schedule, but at least it is a schedule. 

Much as I don’t like Cox Cable for their price gouging and petty viciousness, they do try to give you some idea of when an outage will be over and offer to text you when it is over.  (Although I’m not sure if I have ever actually gotten a text when they were finished.)  

That’s it for now, Friday, January 3, 2020

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