2020 Winter January 5 Sunday

43 degrees this morning 62% Humidity. 

Cool day yesterday, however no wind.   

Strange day, I just felt extremely tired all day.  Hopefully just a reaction to my medicine regime for my pneumonia It isn’t unusual for me to get very tired towards the end. However, I don’t recall it happening to this extent.   

In a way, I feel like yesterday was a “lost day” since I really got nothing done, except sleep and eat.

I was so productive Friday night, it was a complete reversal on Saturday to where I felt draggy all day.

I did make progress on Evernote Friday, now I just need to implement what I learned.  I probably will need to play around with it some, but if I get it to do what I want to do, that will be a major step.

Reading about the “2020” forecasts, “progress made in last 20 years,,” , etc.  The smart phone, personal computers , etc., really have changed our lives and culture.  

I was just thinking of the first time I had GPS in a rental car (about 20 years ago).  I was amazed.  Actually I’m mot sure if the GPS technology in cars has advanced much since then although it has advanced in other areas.

What is scary about technology is that “1984” (the book) is now achievable, easily achievable and probably in use in some countries?  

Of course, I never thought we had to worry about it in the United States, but it obviously could happen anywhere.

That’s it for now, Sunday, January 5, 2020.


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