2020 Winter January 6 Monday

 29 degrees this morning,  78% humidity

Another nice day yesterday.  Unfortunately we both were still feeling slightly “under the weather,” or a least close, so we didn’t go outside in spite of the wonderful day.  

Of course, this morning it is 29  degrees, although it is forecast to go back up to 53 degrees which can be an “iffy” temperature depending on the wind.  

Feel a lot better today, at least I feel like doing more than just sleeping!   My coughing has actually deceased some, I’ll see. 

Actually watched our first NFL football game, the Tennessee vs. New England game.  We feel some loyalty to Tennessee plus, quite frankly, we wanted to see New England eliminated from the playoffs.  

Next week we’ll watch the Tennessee and the Kansas City games at least. At some point during the playoffs, I tape all of them.  

I had to do some dodging Sunday morning to avoid seeing the score of the Tennessee-New England game until we watched the last half!  One of the problems with taping sports is that everyone is so good about getting the scores out!

Actually we watched some of our favorite teams in the college bowl games.  Absolutely NONE of them won!  Actually since New Year Day was so quiet, I watched bowl games and, even the ones I was slightly in favor of lost!

Of course I know we had nothing to do with the losses and the cycle will probably turn next year.  There have been years when all or most of our teams have won. 

The start of this New Year has been unusual to say the least. No ham and black-eyed peas yet , etc.

Looking forward to another Spring and Summer.  I know I have to go through Winter to get there.   

The problem is warm weather doesn’t normally “really” start until mid-May, which is 4 months away.  There is always some warm days during that period, but a lot of cool days also.

One tradition we have that I like is we celebrate the “Twelve Days of Christmas,” so our decorations stay up until about January 10 or 12.  We don’t have a lot of outside decorations, mostly inside.

I always enjoy the extended Christmas decorations.  

I don’t really remember how long we left up the tree , etc., when I was a child.  My Dad would never put up the tree or Christmas decorations until his music Christmas events were complete, which is understandable.

That’s it for now, Monday, June 6, 2020.

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