2020 Winter January 7 Tuesday

29 degrees this morning, 69% humidity

Overall  cooler and windy day yesterday.  I made the mistake of trying to walk several blocks and realized just how cold and windy it was! 

Read an article today critically of the “sudden death” playoff in NFL football.  Actually, that was when I lost interest when a coin flip could decide the ball game.  College does it much better.  

I actually don’t know what is wrong with a tie during the regular season, but whatever.  If they are going to have a tie-breaker (with the few games football has), it seems like the losing team ought to get some kind of credit if they lose a tie game.  

On my cough etc, I have been having a variety of symptoms.  Seeing the doctor tomorrow to determine if the pneumonia is completely gone. 

Hopefully I will start feeling better and  continue the process on goals I started Friday night!

An office day today, thank goodness. For one thing, I have a LOT of office work to do and it will be nice not to have to go outside extensively before I go to the Doctor.  

I do need to get going on learning the latest advances in the Echo “assistant” I see all of the advances in robots, technology etc. and marvel at how they can invent such items

Part of the problem is the “lead time” in learning a new program, or even a new device, and I”m never really sure it will be worth my while to learn it. I have learned many programs, and had fun with them, but there is was a matter of “what do I do with it now”! 

Examples are Garage Band (fun, but…I can’t spend my time creating music), Keynote, again fun, but how many slide shows do you do, and most programs have an excellent slide show component  (at least iPhoto does).

Not complaining, I don’t regret learning the programs, just it makes me hesitant to learn new programs.  

But that is one reason I like the “Apple ecosystem”.  Once I learn something on one device, I don’t need to relearn it. 

That is especially handy for calendars, Notes, Reminders, photos, etc.  

The one problem with Apple Text’s is it is  phone  number specific.  Of course, we just use Messenger so I can cross over all my phone numbers as well as people who prefer other phones,

That’s it for now, Tuesday, January 7, 2020.

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