2020 Winter January 9 Thursday

57 degrees this morning, 78% humidity 

Yesterday was a high of 64 degrees, but the wind made it uncomfortable and cold (what little time I spent outside)!

Doctors visit was ok. Actually very helpful as normal, we are lucky to have such a good Doctor  As I expected, he prescribed more antibiotics, hopefully the will take care of it  Still show some signs of pneumonia, but I feel a lot better tonight.  

This morning I was literally at a place where I just didn’t have time to write a full post.  One of those days.  

I am very tired of not feeling well, so I hope I recover soon.  

I was thinking the other evening, (maybe part of my illness)!, that “Original Kansan” is “OK” and Oklahoma is “OK”.  Not sure what that means, but I have never thought of  it that way.  

I thought of it when Tennessee played Missouri that I thought about the natural rivalry between “Original Kansans” (born in Kansas) and Missouri.  May not be all that intense, but it dates back to Statehood.  

It is interesting to think of how the early culture affects the current “mindset” of a 

State, city or community.  

A recent book noted that a City founded by cheaters and thieves, may not mean everyone in the leadership is anything close to a cheater or thief,  but it may mean that some unusual actions are taken based on the original culture.  (I won’t name the City, since I’m sure every city has some founders who were less than honest or even outright crooks.)

It would be interesting to try to follow this concept through, although I’m not sure how you would do so, except in very broad strokes.  

Probably the best process would be to study the founders and leadership through the years to determine any common threads.

The book “Prairie City”   examines the intricate details of a city (although it was a composite of several cities and included a lot of strong regional influences.  

 I had the good fortune to read it years ago, but never have gone back to re-read like I planned too.  

Just thinking about it, it would be hard to ignore the regional trends on the cultural, social and economic  development of a City.  

I need to analyze the  process and at least see what the process is, or rather what procedures and processes are possible.  

I kind of feel like I am feeling better, just thinking about doing something again besides just feeling better! 

It was so strange, Friday, January 3, I was bursting with energy and plans and then Saturday, January 4, I was a sleeping pod, so to speak, and haven’t felt much better until last night.  

One of the strangest experiences of my life, I don’t recall ever feeling like this for such a long period.  I have had coughing spells , etc., for long periods, but normally not the feeling that I am “underwater”  or wanted sleep so much for a long time.

Worried about getting back into exercise, but can’t do much about that now.

That’s it for now, Thursday, January 9, 2020.  

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