2020 Winter January 10 Friday

63 degrees this morning, 93% humidity

Wonderful day yesterday, 69 degrees high, little wind.  Couldn’t be a more perfect January day.  

Supposedly, the high today is 68 degrees with a lot of 22 degrees!  There is a good chance of thunderstorms, with it not getting cold until tonight.  

Snow, rain and cold weather is forecast for Saturday A good day to stay in!

Supposed to get warmer Sunday which will melt all the snow.  

Feeling better every day, still not feeling as well as I feel I should.  The coughing starts occasionally which literally wears me out.  

Hard to believe last Friday I was feeling great and it was only Saturday morning (last weekend) when I started sleeping so much.

It feels like it has ben a lot longer than that!  Of course, that doesn’t count the pneumonia, but I had pretty well recovered from that (I thought).

Thinking some more about developing a “personality” of a City based on its early founders, businesses, leaders and residents.  Of course events play a major role also  have observed.

Someone mentioned to e years ago that every city has a few “golden years”  where the leadership has the courage, dedication, vision and intelligence to make some progressive changes.  They said this might come up once every several generations. 

By “progressive” I am referring to needed changes, not any political philosophy.  

Normally the “golden period” is just a few years, and the point the person was making was it was a time to get grants, and otherwise support the leadership in their attempt to make a better community. 

At the time we were working  with small communities, I have noted it applies to all communities.

I think one caution might be to remember that “extremism brings extremism,” so while changes should be made while they can the Leadership needs to look around occasionally and make sure the community is still supporting them.

I remember something I read years ago, “There they go, I must hasten after them, I am their Leader”.   

I’ll put it on my “round tu-it” list and read an article on the subject occasionally to see if it is worth while following up. 

That’s it for now, Friday, January 10, 2020.

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