2020 Winter January 11 Saturday

 23 degrees this morning (feels like 10), 91% humidity 

Temperature yesterday went from  70 degrees high to 23 Degree.  Appears to be some light rain, no snow yet (that is sticking anyway).  Yesterday they were predicting 2-3 inches, but it looks like that has changed to minimal snow/rain, if any.  Thank goodness!

I continue to be amazed at the ignorance and pandering of “leaders”.   The Governor of this state has decided to reduce Regulations without determining if they are useful or not.  Just reduce regulations.

He copied from the lying coward lunatic and his insane pandering policies of eliminating regulations regarding food and environmental safety;  

Companies are now spewing toxins into the air, employee safety is being  compromised, companies are now permitted to dump sewage in fresh water, contaminating drinking water and killing fish after the lunatic “reduced regulations”.  

Also meat and food is not as safe (nor airplanes) due to lack of Inspectors. Coal companies are allowed to spew coal dust in rivers and on cities.

Of course, the Governor ran on a platform that he didn’t know anything about governing and he is proving it every day.  

I can’t believe he thinks the effects of reducing regulations are “good,” it probably just sounds politically good to him and he has the same type of cowering toadies as the lying coward lunatic who are scared to disagree with him.

Regulations can be good or bad, and there is nothing wrong with analyzing them.  But to take a “meat ax” approach is ignorant at best, and could be very destructive. 

Of course the lying coward lunatic reduces regulations so his donors, lobbyists and his buddies can rip off huge “profits’ by polluting the environment, reducing safety standards and generally allowing them to do what they want in exchange for huge “donations”.  

The lying coward lunatic continues to make terroristic  actions  on low income people (food stamps, medical care, other benefits , etc., all so he and his donors and lobbyists can rip off a few more dollars.

The lunatic continues to attempt to dehumanize other races, low income people and anyone who disagrees with him.  Totally disgusting, 

I don’t “reducing bad regulations”  is the intent of the state “reducing regulations,” I just think it is ignorance and pandering for votes and donations from companies who will make huge profits by reducing safety, polluting more , etc.  

Sad that our “leaders” have fallen to such shameful, dangerous and pandering actions,

Watching a “Frontline” show about El Paso, I am shocked that anyone can support the vicious, obvious lies, and  racist language of the lying coward lunatic.  He is truly insane and I can’t understand how the coward toadies can actually support this lunatic who is destroying our county. 

Agree or disagree with the immigration policies, no one should be forced to live in such inhumane conditions.  They are treated much worse than animals.  

That’s it for now, Saturday, January 11, 2020.

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