2020 Winter January 13 Monday

40  degrees this morning,  86% humidity

Yesterday day started out cold, but warmed up to about 57 degrees.

Generally feeling much better with an occasional cough.  I’ll see what happens this week.  

The medicine is giving me some really vivid and weird dreams, or maybe my sleeping patterns are changing (as normally with antibiotics) and so I remember the dreams, at least short-term, but not long enough to write down.

I researched “Google Translate” and now have it set up where I can probably have a decent conversation with almost any person who speaks any language I will meet here.  Actually, in my job, I could easily speak to residents who speak at least six languages. The problem is not “assuming” what language they speak.  

I figure I will check it on some bilingual people I know first.  

When I think about it, Google Translate  probably is almost as much as a cultural advance as anything, allowing persons with different languages to converse with some relatively ease.  

There is also a camera  aspect that will interpret written material, which is great. I may have to carry my iPad for that one.  

It’s not as good as being able to speak the language, but I’m sure it is probably more precise than I would be.  

I received some really interesting information this weekend, one on climate change, which makes me want to research that subject some more.  A lot of interdependence about it, probably because there are no correct answers, or at least no-one can prove the answers.  

I haven’t  really paid enough attention to the subject.  My thoughts a few days about the environment hazards increased by the lying coward lunatics’ abuse of deregulation were specific to those regulations, no the general overall subject of climate change.

The lying coward lunatic doesn’t really care about climate change or even regulations, he just wants to say he did it and get some substantial “donations” in the process.  

The other subject contained some detailed information about food and agricultural disruption.  I looked at it, but I want to review it in a “deep work” situation. 

As I have noted many times, our food  is so interdependent, it is frightening to think of what could happen if even one stage is a problem.

While I was aware of the recent “unbelievable burger” and all that, I really hadn’t though of the possible ramifications  if the “artificial meat” impacts “real” meat, real milk and the supplies of feed, and the complex supply points of “regular meat”.  

I’m not sure if the information goes into that or not, but it is something you have to think about.  You’re talking about land, feed, meatpacking plants, stockyards, and all of the employees and supporting services involving in growing and processing meat.  Since it is based on “large scale” operations, I wonder if they can continue to operate at a lower scale?

More later on this as I get information.  

That’s it for now, Monday, January 13, 2020.

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