2020 Winter January 14 Tuesday

52 degrees this morning, 99% humidity 

Up to about 58 degrees yesterday, but the clouds and wind made it seem cooler and uncomfortable

Watched the “national football championship,” really had trouble being all that interested since I really wanted both teams to lose or at least didn’t really care who won.  I thought I may change (and start to support one team) as the game progressed, but didn’t.  (Haven’t watched the last half yet, probably won’t since I know I will see the score.)

If I cared who won, I’m sure it was an exciting game.  

Feeling much better, almost up to par.  I will gradually start to exercise again soon.

Read about the lying coward lunatic trying to steal over 7 billion for his “political wall” stunt.    He is insane and it is time for the cowering coward Senators to stop his criminal behavior.  It will cost more than  to destroy it in a few years, since it will be shoddy and built by companies who agree to “donate” the most.  

Obviously just like the “immigration camps,”  his donors, lobbyists and his buddies who “donate” millions to him as they  rip off billions from the construction projects will get the contracts. 

Along with a lot of things, I really don’t have anything I can do on this one.  Again, I am very disappointed with the low quality of elected officials in the federal government  Allowing this insane criminal to keep stealing tax $ for his so called “resorts” as he desperately tries to keep them out of bankruptcy is bad enough.  

The stealing of billions of dollars for a political wall with funds intended for the military is simply unethical and illegal. 

I think it will get to the point that people will start “taking to the streets” if the coward Senators do not stop this lying insane criminal.  (Although they simply lie to support him, don’t even try to tell the truth)

What is really disgusting are his obvious lies and his childish lying vicious attacks on people?  How can anyone support a liar and such childish illegal behavior?

As usual, somehow the year is speeding by and January of 2020 is almost half over! I probably write that every year.  

Trying to correct a problem with my MacBook Air.  Actually it is a problem that started with the previous MacBook Air and this one apparently  inherited it.  

My “iPhoto’s” won’t sync to the MacBook Air.  For whatever reason, they sync to all my other devices, even my 6 year old iPads, but not this.

I called Apple “support,” but of course all they did was  install a new operating system and screw up all my user names and passwords so I can’t get into half of my websites without a hassle. 

That seems to be their solution to everything. 

It also screwed up my “fingerprint” access, although I was able to re-install it.  I really don’t care for the “fingerprint” recognition, although I love the “Face” recognition for my iPhone.  

That’s it for now, Tuesday, January 14, 2020.

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