2020 Winter January 16 Thursday

 30 degrees this morning 71% Humidity. 

Yesterday was generally nice although It started nice and got colder and more nasty as the day went on.  

We have a 3 day weekend coming up, which will be nice.  Unfortunately we also have bad weather forecast at least early in the weekend.  I believe it says a lot of rain and much colder weather.  

It is already 30 degrees so I assume the the forecast is correct.  The forecast is for rain and around 37 degrees when it is raining, so at least it won’t be snow and ice.

Feeling much better, probably will try some light exercise this weekend to get back into my exercise program.  

Finished all the antibiotics, will see what happens. 

Still debating my the failure of my phone to sync  iPhoto.  I think I am just going to make an appointment at the “Genius Bar” and bring in my computer and the drive I use to backup the photos on.  

I need to get it fixed, but I don’t want to spend hours on the phone or have a new operating system installed that messes up the passwords , etc., for my websites. 

Apple support has gone downhill since they tried to make everyone on-line or on the phone.  All they can think of is “install a new operating system” or to clean everything off and reinstall which just messes up my computer.   

I figure if they have everything to look at maybe they can figure it out.  

I have an iPhone 6 that is still a good phone in a lot of ways, it just seems to have some problems.  I am thinking of buying an iPhone 8, so I can start with a new phone.  

An iPhone 8 would work since this is the phone I use for work, so it just needs to last until I retire.  

With Apple’s trade in and veteran program, it isn’t that bad of a price and it should last as long as I need it unless I work a lot longer than I expect.  In that case, I’d want another phone anyway. 

Starting to feel in the “get away” spirit again and looking at some short-term trips.  Nothing major this year, at least so far, just some jaunts, we’ll see as the year goes on. 

Yesterday, I was accosted by someone who apparently doesn’t understand the “freedom of speech” may allow him to ask me something, but it also gives me the right to politely tell him “no” I don’t want to talk with him.  (Or, for that matter, to not respond or not be polite.) 

He squealed some kind of racial comment, and I just told him that was his problem, not mine. 

With the “criminal carry” in this state where anyone is allowed to wear guns anywhere without any kind of permit due to our “bought and paid for” politicians,  it gets scary.  

Too often people don’t seem to understand “free speech and association” works both ways. 

That’s it for now, Thursday, January 16, 2020.

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