2020 Winter January 17 Friday

36 degrees this morning 97% humidity, light rain.

Particularly nasty day yesterday, cold, with rain late in the day.  It’s supposed to continue today, with even heavier rain. 

Thinking some more about the people who hang around at intersections and beg for money , etc. My objection is that they are dangerous to traffic, if nothing else just because of the distractions to traffic.  

I can’t really imagine the desperation or whatever it is that leads people to stand on a street corner with a sign or whatever  begging for money.  

I really doubt that they really make any substantial money, with maybe an occasional windfall from someone who gives them a lot.  On the other hand, if they aren’t making money, why do they do it?

I remember an especially gruesome death of a person who stood on the street corner.  While I don’t hear of injuries to the people standing on the intersections often, I expect there are more than we hear about.  

Like many people (I assume) I have debated giving money to people who beg money.  I decided I would never give any money no matter what their story and have stuck with it 99% of the time.  I can see both sides, I just decided to try to tip well for people who work , etc., and not get caught in the possible dangers of giving money to someone on the street.  

Also, I don’t feel I have any obligation to talk with anyone who approaches me asking fo money or whatever.  Normally it starts off with some story,  I would just as soon be asked for money directly without the conversation. 

The lying coward lunatic appears to be  degenerating more every day as the criminal and his coward toadies  steal from the poor and middle class and shovel tax $ to big business, his donors and lobbyists.  The lunatic was bragging about how he and his coward toadies gave the “big banks” over $30 Billion dollars in tax giveaways and bragging about how they should “thank him,” I assume by donating more money.  

This was just after they shoveled billions in tax $ to the drug companies.  

The  problem with the lying coward lunatic “economy” is that it is built on tremendous debt and is unsustainable since it is only going to pay off shareholders, executives , etc., while they continue to fire regular workers and “cut costs” in the face of huge profits.

At some point, the debt will be too much and crash, but, of course, the lying coward lunatic will be gone by then and his buddies, donors and lobbyists will have socked away  their unlawful gains.  

Of course now the chronic liar is trying to make it seem like he is trying to scatter some crumbs to the poor and middle class (after destroying medical and other programs) desperately hoping he can buy more votes for the election.  Of closure he knows it won’t succeed, just another lie from the chronic liar.  

That’s it for now, Friday, January 17, 2019.  

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