2020 Winter January 18 Saturday

46 degrees this morning,  95% humidity

Nasty day yesterday, rain most of day.  Started out really cool, inched up to 48 degrees.  Supposed to be clear although the high is forecast to be 48 degrees.

Thank goodness, another 3 day weekend!  I am looking forward to it from the viewpoint of just starting the 3 day weekend!  I’m sure it will go fast and be over before I know it. 

Hopefully start getting back into exercise today. The Doctor sad I still have a small amount of pneumonia.  I didn’t realize you could have a “small amount” of pneumonia, but I guess it is.  

Another round of antibiotics, but whatever it takes.  

Ordered a replacement iPhone (for my work phone) yesterday at about 6:30 a.m.  It was at my door 4 hours later.  Amazing.  With a coupon for $100 for delivery (Postmates), which I probably won’t use.  

After looking at an iPhone 8 and the iPhone XR, I ordered the XR.  Both are about the same price, but I am used to “Face” recognition and “swiping” my iPhone 11 Max Pro. Also, it is faster and is a later model and will last longer when I “repurpose” it in several years. 

What surprises me is that if you order a “locked” phone, connected to a certain carrier, it costs $100 more than an “unlocked” phone. 

However, all you need to do is transfer the sim card (or get one from your carrier).  I even have the carrier put it in, although technically I should be able to do it myself.  “Should” being the operative word. 

So far, I really like it, especially that both phones are similar to use.  

Looked at phone cases.  I like a very minimal phone case with a slot for at least one credit card, id or whatever.  I ordered one and it is supposed to be here tomorrow. Again that is amazing.  

Actually they said “guaranteed” here by tomorrow.  They didn’t say what would happen if it didn’t arrive by tomorrow. 

Still haven’t resolved the “syncing” problem of the photos on my MacBook Air.  I’ve decided to take it to the “genius bar” and ask them.  If they try to talk about “backing ups and reinstalling,” I’ll just walk out. 

Apple does everything possible to make it difficult to bring a computer to the Genius Bar, they try to force you to use the 800 number. But at least they do offer a “personal” alternative, which is better than anyone else.  (Although there is a Microsoft store a short distance from the Apple store, but they don’t have phones.)

Saw a sign today held today with a big “Repent” on it.  Made me feel good that someone was just exercising their right of free speech and not using it as an excuse to beg money.  

I don’t really have any problem with people exercising their right of free speech, no matter the viewpoint.  As long as they aren’t harassing someone else.

That’s it for now, Saturday, January 18, 2020.

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