2020 Winter January 19 Sunday

26 degrees this morning, 82% humidity 

Sunny yesterday, but windy, so not all that pleasant.  High of 49 degrees.  

Exercise, 30 minutes Stationary bike.

First exercise for some time this morning.  Actually went well, almost no coughing , etc.   Of course, the stationary bike is the easiest exercise routine.  

I may have to use the treadmill rather than walk outside.  I don’t plan on walking inside again, I just didn’t like it, I would prefer the treadmill and greatly prefer walking outside.

Then I will start swimming and biking again.  

I have been walking early in the morning for about 30 years, so if I have to stop walking in the early morning that will be a major change in my life.  I have done a lot of thinking and listening in the early morning when I walk!  

Hopefully I can walk early in the morning again with some kind of face mask that will protect my respiratory system from the cold air.  Apparently at the least I have “asthma” set off by cold air and sometimes even by cold water.  Also it is “exercised induced” which doesn’t bode well for exercise. 

I have had several months off from early morning walking, but that has happened before.  

I also really want to get back into swimming again and will soon try it.  

As I noted, one of my times when I can “think” is on my exercise routines, so I need to get back into it for that also!

Doing some research on my family history to get some information.  I was surprised to find my (paternal) grandfather’s middle name was “Fidelious”.  Not sure why that surprised me.  

I googled it (of course it means “faithful”) but there is a lot of people with the last name Fidelious, so I wander if it wasn’t a family name back in his ancestry. 

My “spell check” showed “Fidelious” as a misspelling, which surprised me. 

Unfortunately, the Apple spell check is very poor and substandard.  Microsoft and Google have a much better spell check. Lots of times I have to got to Google to spell a word, since Apple doesn’t have it.

Always makes you wander what they were really like.  He was “bridge worker” who  enlisted and fought in the Spanish-American war (Cuba). My Dad was born after his service in Cuba. 

I searched the Civil War records for both my fathers name and my mothers maiden name.

I was surprised to find more listed with my fathers name than my mother’s maiden name.  They fought on both sides and all ranks.

Always like the feeling of a Sunday on a 3 day weekend, means it is like the start of a new weekend, since I still have two days off.  

That’s it for now, Sunday, January 19, 2020

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