2020 Winter January 20 Monday

25 degrees this morning at 4:40 am., 71% humidity 

Yesterday was cold most of the day (very cold in the morning), but overall a nice day. 

Have an appointment with the Apple “Genius Bar” today concerning syncing the photos to my MacBook Air.  It has really been irritating that it doesn’t sync, so I hope they can figure it out.  I think it is a simple setting on the computer, but I guess it isn’t that “simple”!  

Decided to return the phone case for my new phone.  I’m not sure who designed it but they weren’t thinking.  It is made of hard plastic, with the credit card pocket sticking out about 1/4” and made of molded plastic.  

I prefer a case with some “give”, I think hard plastic is more likely to cause damage since there is no give.  I probably would have gone with that, but the molded “card cash” that sticks out from the phone, I just can’t stand that.  

Dream last night (didn’t write it down), that I was at some kind of event like a fair.  A lot of rides , etc., and places to eat.  I dreamed I ate something with  lot of onions, and woke up feeling slightly sick.  (I’m very allergic to onions as far as how my body reacts to them.)

I feel ok now, it was  a strange thing to dream about.  

I do remember the Fairs when I was a kid.  We were in 4-H, so we displayed stuff at the Fair, it was a major event in our lives.  When I went back years later and saw the area of the fairgrounds, I was amazed at how small it seemed!

Another shooting at a local mall (in the central city, not where we live).  Just another “personal” matter that someone pulled a gun and fired.  

Another shooting, a result of the “criminal carry” law that the governor and state legislature passed in the passion of getting “donations” without thinking through the consequences. 

The law allows anyone to walk around with a loaded gun displayed or concealed,  no permit or training required.  And then they have the gall to wonder about why all the shootings!

I feel a lot less safe now then I felt before, knowing that any nut may be carrying a gun and decided they are angry with me and shoot I in a passion of anger! 

Copied the NFL playoffs, trying to watch it before I see the scores, at least the Tennessee/Kansas City game.  

2020 seems to be flying by, already January 20.  Third day of a 3-day Holiday (Martin Luther King Day).  

That’s it for now, Monday, January 20, 2020.

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