2020 Winter January 21 Tuesday

25 degrees this morning, 73% humidity 

Cold yesterday, although relatively nice since little or no wind.

End of the 3 day weekend, start back to work today.  Not bad, although the 3 day weekend was very nice. 

Took my MacBook Air in to the Apple “genius bar”.   Didn’t get it fixed, but made some progress.  The genius bar person was excellent, and worked with me for several hours.  I have a lot of actions to take before I get it completed. 

I am glad I took it to the Genius Bar, I would never have even got as far as I got to resolve the problem by calling the “800” number.    

I think the people on the “800” number are simply reading from a manual, so they really don’t analyze what is wrong.  They always want to “back up and restore,” which takes forever, messes up all of my web sites and almost never resolves the problem!  I just refuse to “back up and restore” anymore. 

I found out that I probably should have ordered a larger hard drive, although I think the price  jump from 250 gig to 500 gig, almost makes it infeasible  to purchase the computer, if I remember correctly.

I understand Apple may be  coming out with a MacBook Pro that has a touch screen. I don’t understand why Apple hasn’t come out with a touch screen a long time ago.

The iPhone Max has allowed me to take relatively decent pictures of my Hot Wheel’s cars.  It is an amazing camera.  

I have resumed taking pictures of my Hot Wheels cars.  I hope to get pictures of all of them, although at the pace I’m going, it will probably be several years before I complete it, if that.  

It’s not something I worry about, I’ll get it done when I get it done. It is a little relaxing project I can do on an occasional basis.  

As I have mentioned before Apple “Pages” (similar to Microsoft Word) doesn’t have a great spell check, or maybe I need to learn how to use it better. 

The spell check does always point out my sentence fragments, but I don’t really care about that.  Communication is communication.

That’s it for now, Tuesday, January 21, 2020.

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