2020 Winter January 22 Wednesday

 35 degrees this morning 95% humidity, light rain.

Relatively miserable day yesterday.  High was 44 degrees, some wind.  

However, it will be worse on Wednesday, with rain and a chance of snow, which makes it really miserable.

Field day yesterday.  Have an Office Day today, sounds good except I have a meeting, although if it is really bad I expect it will be postponed.  

Started to work on income taxes.  As usual it is somewhat of a like/hate relationship.  I enjoy the process of preparing the income tax returns, it infuriates me that we have to pay such a high percentage of our income, more that even the “rack” rate that companies pay, not counting all of their deductions, 20% tax free for LLC’s , etc.  

Definitely evidence the “tax cut” was simply an effort to shovel tax $ to donors, lobbyists and their rich buddies who will “donate” funds to the politicians.  

Meanwhile, we pay a higher rate and see the national debt increase by 3 trillion dollars that we or our children (for generations) will have to pay while the fat cat corporations, hedge funds etc., get huge tax breaks and buy themselves another jet and a 6th home with the tax $ shoveled to them on the backs of the middle class.  

Obviously I don’t really know how they spend our tax $, but I read about a group of relatively young business persons ordering $6,000 bottles of wine.  Sick. 

Anyway, I am merely repeating what everyone knows.  I use Turbotax now (and have for years), so it is a lot easier to prepare the tax returns.  

Also, since they “simplified” the tax law, we have to pay higher taxes since we can’t deduct our house interest, home office and work expenses , etc.    

Another item I can’t do anything about, so I’ll just hold my nose and pay the taxes and remember how to vote in November!  

Actually got my MacBook Air to the point that all of my current photos are “streaming” to my MacBook Air, which is what I really wanted.  Actually, they go back about 2 years. 

I have a 1000 Gig exterior hard drive, which has too many pictures on it to fit my hard drive.  I have about 111 gig of pictures on the exterior drive, which is more than I have left on my 250 gig MacBook Air hard drive!  

I probably will let sleeping dogs sleep and not try anything more.  When I upgrade in several years, I’ll get a larger hard drive and move the pictures to the hard drive. Since I have the pictures on the desktop and devices, it really doesn’t matter. 

That’s it for now, Wednesday, January 22, 2020.

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