2020 Winter January 23 Thursday

40 degrees this morning, 97%  humidity

Nasty day yesterday, rain most of day (at least it was just a mist), high was only about 39 degrees.  Could have been worse!  

The good thing is that we probably only have about 45 days of really nasty weather left, then there is a slight chance of nasty weather in March.

Saw the ending of the K State and KU game.  Too bad for both of the schools, the team members and the coaches.  

This is on top of something I saw on the news about parents fighting at a school or little league game and a father actually attacking a wrestler.  Maybe we are taking sports too seriously.  

It also could just be the nature of the times that people are more prone to violence, look at the poor leadership at the national level where violence is condoned and the president brags about being a “counter puncher” (whatever that is, sounds kind of scummy) instead of a leader.  

We definitely need another President who isn’t a chronic liar, among other negative things.  

Anytime something like the coronavirus spreads, I think about the limits of medicine and the change of a “superbug” that cannot be stopped by medicine.  

I remember reading the book “Hot Zone” about ebola.  I really wondered why I hadn’t heard of that before and I think of it anytime a new virus starts or a new ebola epidemic breaks out.  

Kind of like our integrated and interdependent electric, transportation and now computer systems.  All it takes is one “weak link” and the entire system goes.  

I read in a Newsletter where the author says there is a good chance a cyberattack will disrupt the internet and computer systems for a period.  

I think of all the actions I do on computer now, it is definitely a concern.  Banking, taxes, work, e-mail, even our cars and houses could be disrupted because of all the computers we have that are connected to the internet.  

It may well be true that the “wars” of the future will be conducted in silence as they make vicious cyberattacks.  Of course they are already disrupting our elections and I hear of computer fraud with people stealing literally millions of dollars from banks , etc.  

One thing I can’t understand is the lower form of  fraud where people are asked to get gift cards to pay.   I can’t even imagine doing that, but I’m sure I’m gullible in other ways and I need to keep aware!

That’s it for now, Thursday, January 23, 2020.

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