2020 Winter January 26 Sunday

37% degrees this morning, 87%humidity 

Started off cold yesterday, high of 61 degrees, relatively nice day.  Supposed to be bad weather coming in again, we’ll see.  

Sometimes spellcheck is almost more trouble than it is worth, especially when it is “automatic”.  Nothing ever real embarrassing has happened, but frequently it can change a word without me knowing it, either not making any sense or changing the meaning of the sentence.

Friday I texted someone and “spell check” changed the word, even when I went back and corrected it!  What concerns me more is the “incorrect corrections” I don’t know about!

It seems they ought to have something that either quits changing the word after the second time, or something that asks “is this correct” or something like that.  

Download a “kindle” book to the kindle app and couldn’t get it to download to the actual  iPad.  After calling Amazon (an experience in itself), I deleted the kindle app and reinstalled it and it worked!  

I didn’t dare call Apple support or they would have tried to “back up, clean and restore,” which I wasn’t about to do. 

I had started to make a reservation at the “genius bar” when I thought about deleting and re-downloading the app.  

Some days something clicks and you do something right!

I mentioned in my “Panama Journal” about using a backpack for the first time.  It was convenient enough that I bought a small “backpack”  (actually a :”sling” backpack. 

I liked the backpack I took to Panama, but realized I needed a smaller one.  For $25, I figured I couldn’t lose more than $25!

I really got it to take to the baseball games. I can carry my iPad, an extra hat, several  rain ponchos, an umbrella, a charger, some small bills, and my tickets , etc.  

I am already using it in my daily living, since it is convenient to carry my iPad, pens, my computer , etc., in one secure place.  

I plan on using it in days when I am “in the field” and take a lunch break, I can put my computer and iPad in the small backpack and take it into the restaurant or coffee shop and not have to worry about dropping them.  

Perhaps most important, I can carry a battery charger in case my iPad or iPhone battery  goes down!

That’s it for now, Sunday, January 26, 2020.

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