2020 Winter January 27 Monday

35 Degrees this morning,   97% humidity

Exercise, 30 minutes stationary bike this morning 

Generally good day yesterday.  jAs seems to be the norm, it was cold in the morning and warmed to 62 degrees during the day.  

I’ve had a problem with the chargers provided by Apple with their devices cracking and eventually quit working.  They probably have actually lasted years, but I didn’t really want to pay $30 or more from Apple for a charger wire that would actually work.  

When trying to find an inexpensive replacement, I found there is a lot of “junk” out there that actually won’t work.  

I was able to find an inexpensive cord (without the actual charger, I have plenty of them and many USB connections).  It was described as “Apple certified,” so I purchased one just to be sure it worked.  

After I found out it does work, I ordered several more so I could have enough connector to charge my Apple devices.  

I have several devices that have a USB port that I can use to charge my phones, and I carry one in the car so if I run out of battery on my iPhone or iPad I can charge it.  

For some reason, my iPad  won’t charge off of my car charger, which is one reason I needed something else. 

Start of another work week.  Going to be a busy week, which is good since I like being busy. 

Watched a 60 minutes show on the “photo ark” last night.  The photographer is trying to photograph every species to have a picture of them.  It was amazing how excellent his pictures were.  

Yesterday morning I watched a portion of “Blacklist” that had a plot where someone used “killer bugs”  to kill people.  Apparently this has some basis in history, at least plans to use insect and bugs as weapons of war.  

If you think about killer insects, cyberattacks, attacks on our power and food distribution systems, the lying coward lunatic allowing more pollution of our environment to get more donations from the companies who “benefit” and the relaxed inspection of our food, airplanes, etc., the world can seem like a scarier place!  

Probably the attacks on the “news media” by the paid off politicians and criminals running our government is of the most concern.  The lying coward lunatic and his cowering coward toadies are scared of a “free press” that exposes their criminal activities, ignorance, negligence and self-serving actions.  

That’s it for now, Monday, January 27, 2020.


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