2020 Winter January 28 Tuesday

44  degrees this morning 85% humidity

Wonderful day yesterday, got up to 68 degrees although there was a coolness in the air.

Today it is supposed to rain with a possible chance of a light snow.  Just to let us know Winter is still around!

Going in for (hopefully) my final checkup on my pneumonia.  At least I have learned to spell “pneumonia”!  

Hopefully can get started with regular exercise again, although I will use care and learn to stop if I start coughing again.  It has been wonderful to not have any coughing or other cold symptoms for several weeks!  

Preparing for a short “Spring trip”.  As usual I am spending a large portion of my time planning for the trip!  Actually have it planned except for some final details.  I always try to avoid “over-planning” activities.  

Kansas dodged a bullet when the current Secretary of State decided not to run for Senator for Kansas.  Not that he would win, but his lies and threatening the news media means he shouldn’t hold any public office.  Attempting to destroy NPR because he can’t hold his temper or hide his lies is a gross abuse of his public office. 

Of course that is standard behavior anymore with the bad example since by the “leadership”.  

The current virus scare will probably be over soon.  However, every time this happens, it always makes you wonder if “this time” is the time that there is a virus that can’t be cured.  Hopefully not.  

The governor of our state is at it again, proving he doesn’t know anything about government.  He ran on the platform he doesn’t know anything about governing and he is proving it every day. He proposed combining the turnpike and transportation departments so “turnpike toll payers can pay for roads in rural areas”.   I expect the bond holders may have something to say about that!  

Sounds like the  cell phone fees we pay for “remote areas,” for technology in schools and to subsidize cell phone fees.  It turns into a racket that companies have learned to rip off for huge profits while it actually benefits few.  Meanwhile the “subsidy fees” we pay are rapidly becoming higher than the actual phone usage fees!  

Nothing against better roads for rural areas, internet/phones for remote areas or technology for schools etc, but why not just do it the right way?  If it is something the government would do, use taxes to pay for it!  

That’s it for now, Tuesday, January 28, 2020.


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