2020 Winter January 29 Wednesday

34 degrees this morning, 94%  humidity

Miserable day yesterday, rain all day, hard at times.  Seemed a lot colder than the 36 or so degrees it was most of the day.  It actually got to a high of 43 degrees although it didn’t feel like it. 

At least today is supposed to not rain, although it still may be miserable. 

I am officially “released” from my pneumonia, which gives me a feeling of relief.  I have to admit, I was feeling so bad for a while, I really doubted if I would ever feel normal again.  I wasn’t feeling horrible, just bad, it is difficult (or impossible) to explain.  

Anyway, I am ok now and now I want to take sure it doesn’t happen again.  You don’t know how good you normally feel until you feel bad for a while. 

I am glad today was an “office day” for me.  To be honest, it would have been an “office day” even if I had planned otherwise!  Fortunately I have some flexibility in that area as far as having an “office day” in bad weather.  

The “office day” work is always there, as we don’t have enough “office time” to get all the paperwork, followup phone calls , etc., we have to do.  

I saw an article about the danger of large batteries burning and exploding.  Obviously a concern where very large batteries (or small for that matter) are used.  

Firefighters are actually developing new ways of fighting battery fires, since the fumes  are toxic 

Many of the problems are caused by shoddy made batteries, bad installations etc,  but it still is dangerous.  It does mean that probably the problem can  be resolved with better manufacturing, installation, etc.  

I noticed even AA and AAA batteries are very different.  I bought some remote controls (for the Echo’s) that had Amazon batteries that went out almost immediately, so I now just replace them with decent batteries. 

As I have noted before, I think it is important for our homes to be “battery powered” so we are not relying on the electrical interconnect.  Batteries subject to burning aren’t going to help progress in that area!

Like any big advancements, continuous improvement is necessary and battery power will be no different.  

I’ll keep watching and researching this, since it is a personal interest of mine.  I know absolutely nothing about batteries and how they work, but I am interested in how they can be used to meet our power requirements and avoid depending on large scale electric distribution that can be disrupted at many points.

That’s it for now, Wednesday, January 29, 2020. 

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