2020 Winter January 30 Thursday

29 Degrees this morning, 99% humidity 

No rain yesterday, but cold was bitter all day.  The high all day was only 39 degrees and it felt much colder than that due to the dampness in the air.  At least it didn’t rain. 

Don’t want to start exercising again in they weather, except for inside exercise.  

Kansas Day today, something I drilled in my memory when I grew up in Kansas.  Strange the things that you remember.  

The Post Office recently started allowing you to “preview” your mail, in that it will e-mail you an image of the front of your envelopes of the mail you are receiving that day.   It is amazing they can do that (and it is free).

However, I have some mixed feelings about it. Most of the fun of getting the mail is discovering what mail came, kind of like finding a treasure (or not).  

I like having it when we are out of town, or for some reason can’t check the mail, but one of the little thrills of the day is when I get the mail.

I really am not that bored or have that boring of a life that the mail is the high point of my day, but it is one of the little things that make life enjoyable.

I have always been a mail box fan.  When I was a kid I was always the one that met the mail carrier.  When I grew up on the farm, I’d actually walk to the mailbox (it seemed like a long ways at the time, but when I went back, I realized it really wasn’t that far.

I would actually get there before the mail carrier and wait for him.  

Later I would always be the one who walked to the mailbox early in the morning when we lived in a city.  For some reason, we always got our mail at a Post Office mail box, and I continued the tradition until about 13 years ago when I started getting mail at our house.  

It became too much of a hassle to go to the Post Office, or, since Lakeland did not have a Post Office, to the mail box store.  

I don’t know why I enjoy getting the mail (I still do), maybe curiosity, maybe some overwhelming need to know. 

I actually feel the same about e-mail, I really enjoy getting it, although the overwhelming amount of junk e-mail or spam kind of limits my enthusiasm! 

By comparison, I don’t really enjoy phone calls at all and never have, although they (and voice mail) are a necessary evil.  

That’s it for now, Thursday, January 30, 2020.


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