2020 Winter January 31 Friday

33 degrees this morning 91% humidity

Miserable day yesterday, mainly because of the cold. High was 41 degrees.  Small chance of rain today, hopefully it will remain small!

Friday last day of the week and, unbelievably, the last day of January of 2020.  As usual, the year is speeding by!

I always wonder where I will be in a year, but the time has gone so fast, I haven’t even had time to think about it!

The Canon printer I have hated since I got it apparently  failed, even though it was actually used very little.  It is a piece of junk and I am never buying anything made by Canon again.  

It has always been a poor printer and yesterday morning was jamming and not recognizing that it had paper in it.  

I don’t like being tied in to buying HP ink, (HP printers require you to use their ink) but the price isn’t really that different and for as little as we use it, we wouldn’t notice the difference in cost.  

It is one of those devices, if you need it, you need it and it shouldn’t be jamming 

We have a “Square” insurance policy on it.  I didn’t get a response to my claim, but while I was filing the claim, the printer suddenly started working again.  I still will file a claim, obviously something is wrong.  I think it was designed wrong.  

Now that I am feeling much better, it is time for me to get back to my Strategic Plan and look at my projects and making “continuous improvement” as I move through the year.  

I always think how much I could achieve if I just did a little bit each day on one goal.  At least I would be making progress, however small.  

I actually have a favorite on the Super Bowl this year.  I grew up in the area where the Kansas City Chiefs were strong. 

 For whatever reason you follow a professional team, the Kansas City Chiefs have always been my sentimental favorite.  I don’t really have any idea who the main players are, but I still will support the team. 

Ditto with Baseball, although we actually follow 4 of the Major League Baseball teams.  The Chicago Cubs, for whatever reasons you follow the Cubs. (I actually started watching them in the 80’s and Aliene lived in Chicago for several years.)  We also follow the St. Louis Cardinals because when we lived in Memphis, we saw a lot of the future stars play for their minor league team, the Memphis Redbirds.  There is nothing like having a player you have seen start his career and then watch him become a major star.  Ditto with the Los Angeles Dodgers.  

We also follow the Kansas City Royals, again because I grew up near Kansas City, although I actually followed the Kansas City Athletics when I was a kid before them moved, but then transferred my loyalty to the Royals. 

Baseball season is only two months away, with Spring Training starting in less of a month.  If nothing else, it means Summer is coming!

That’s it for now, Friday, January 31, 2020.

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