2020 Winter February 1 Saturday

32 degrees this morning, 71% humidity 

Yesterday was reasonably nice.  Cold in the morning, high of 51 degrees.  Supposedly it will be 70 degrees weather this weekend or at least through Monday.  Then more cold weather and possibly snow!

February 1, 2020.  This will be a weird month, especially 2-2-2020 and 2-20-2020 and 2-22-2020!  I remember “Kansas Centennial” in 1961 (I wasn’t that old, I’m surprised I remember this), there was a lot of talk about it being like many years before a date would be the same “upside down”.

In fact, I looked it up and 1961 was the first “upside down” year since 1881 and the next one will be 6009!  Probably 6009 is so far off it isn’t even significant, at least to anyone alive today, or in the next 4,000 years for that matter.  

Due to the difficulty in maintaining our house (or rather finding qualified people to maintain our house), we have been looking at “senior housing,” but much of it appears to just be warehousing people in extremely small units.  Just my impression, obviously a lot of people enjoy it.  

But, that doesn’t mean it is for everyone.  I certainly like the idea of not being responsible for any repairs, but I’m not sure how we would react to moving to an extremely small unit, especially if it is “attached” and someone (and/or their dog or cat) makes a lot of noise, or even if it is close.  Not likely,  but it does happen.

The last place we lived (and probably one reason we moved) was a person across the street started his car and let it run with the garage door open early in the morning.  Due to the dynamics of the landscaping, it tunneled into our house, probably magnified 10 times of the original sound (will several times anyway, 10 x may be an exaggeration). To say if drove us nuts is an understatement.  

I really don’t like “other people’s noise” or “other people’s music”.  I don’t mind what they say or do or what music they listen too, I just don’t want to have to listen to it!

I earned this dislike in college dorms and in the barracks in the Air Force!  So many people have no respect for other peoples rights not to listen to their music!  

I was glad to see “boom boxes” go out of style and headphones come into style so people listen in private. 

Thats it for now, Saturday, February 1, 2020.

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