2020 Winter February 2 Sunday

51 degrees this morning, 41% humidity 

Started off cold yesterday, high of 61 degrees, relatively nice day.  Supposed to be bad weather coming in again Wednesday,  we’ll see.  

Cold yesterday morning, warmed to high of 65 degrees, nice day.

Exercised 30 minutes on stationary bike.  Not a lot, but it is gradually getting me back into exercise.  

Today 02-02-2020, marks 5 years and 7 months since we moved to this area and 5 years and 5 months  since I started my current job.  

Obviously we had no idea  what the next 5 wars and 7 months would bring.  We probably wouldn’t have believed it if we had known it!  

The saga of the printer repairs continues.  I called “Square Insurance” Friday and was advised they would have someone come out to repair it.

I get a call from the repair technicians this morning from someone who advised they will need to try to get a manual from Canon.  Good luck with that. 

They advised if they “couldn’t find a manual” they would need to send it back to Square to determine what they needed to do. 

Somehow this didn’t inspire confidence in me.  They said it wold be “Monday” before they know anything.  Somehow I have the feeling this happens all the time.  Meanwhile my printer can’t be used.  

So much for the “Square” insurance policy also.  

Ditto with our microwave repair   A repair person came out, supposedly fixed it and it still doesn’t work.  He was supposed to come Friday  to complete the repairs, but didn’t show up or call.

The “insurance” company will eventually back it up, but it illustrates how difficult it is to find qualified persons to work to maintain your house. Of course, he may come out Monday, but I’m not holding my breath.  

Each of the insurance companies (printer and microwave) offered to let us find the repair facility, but I am not about to do that.  They have the responsibility, they need to do it.  

They are they ones that claimed they could find qualified technicians, and they are going to have to stand behind their claim.  I”m not about to let them off the hook when they made all of these promises that they could fine contractors that could do the work

Good weekend thus far.  Of course even a “bad weekend” can be good! 

That’s it for now, Sunday, February 2, 2020.


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