2020 Winter February 3 Monday

62 Degrees this morning,   29% humidity

Exercise, 30 minutes stationary bike 

26 minute walk (afternoon)

Excellent day yesterday.  Warmed to high of 79 degrees!

I decided to try a walk outside yesterday  and see if I coughed any. While it was a relatively warm day, I tried to walk my normal pace.  So far at least no coughing, so I will start gradually going back to my exercise program. 

Yesterday was an excellent day for a bike ride, but I decided a walk would be better since a walk isn’t quite as strenuous.  

I am so used to walking in the dark so much, it felt strange to walk in the daylight.  Normally I walk in the street (since there is little traffic), so it also felt strange to walk on the sidewalk!  

Anyway, I’ll gradually get back into exercise, hopefully without the coughing , etc.

Read an article today that confirms my worst fears about “private equity,” where they buy a company, load it with debt, pay themselves huge dividends with debt and then bankrupt the company.  

All the while, getting “tax favored treatment” for destroying a company and paying huge dividends (from borrowed money) to themselves  before they declare bankruptcy!  

They ought to be in jail for fraud and criminal behavior instead of ordering tax subsidized $8,000 bottles of wine, or a tax subsidized 3rd or 4th home!  

What is so bad is they normally destroy the company and also destroy the employees while they are at it, normally in slow motion by “efficiencies” by laying off employees, ghoulish “productively improvements” like “tattle tale” programs that watch everyone employees do , etc.  

I see that happening with the State here, Getting rid of the people who do know their jobs and  hiring a  bunch of people who don’t know a thing about what they are doing, hiring more “administrators” who know nothing about their jobs running  around trying to find things to do and hindering productivity in the process.  As I mentioned before bragging they don’t know anything about government and proving it every day!  

Monday, start of another week.  This is the first of the month, so sometime during the week a bunch of new assignments will come down.  As I mentioned before, it will is kind of like getting the mail, except it is monthly mail.  These are the major assignments we receive for the month, although there are other types we get on a daily basis.  

Anyway, it is always interesting to get the major assignments at the start of the month.  

That’s it for now, Monday, February 3, 2020.

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