2020 Winter February 4 Tuesday

36 degrees this morning 93% humidity

Good day yesterday, got up to 69 degrees although that was in the morning and it got cold from there!

Supposed to be much colder today with possible snow tomorrow (Wednesday).  That could change my week, since I no longer have to go out when the weather makes for hazardous driving.  

I’m not looking forward to snow at all.  At least it I isn’t freezing ice (I hope) which is really bad, or I should say impossible to drive on.

Felt good to see the Kansas City Chiefs win the Super Bowl.  Usually I may be for a team but “not that much”.  Since I grew up with the Kansas City Chiefs, I am always for them to win. 

I was definitely hoping that it didn’t end up in a tie, so I didn’t have to watch the winner basically win based on a coin toss.  As I have noted perviously, I pretty well quit watching regular season games when they went to the overtime without going the other team a chance to score.  I never did understand how that was ever considered fair.  

The coronavirus is sounding worse all the time the way it is spreading.  It almost sounds like there isn’t any defense against it that works.  I don’t have any faith in our “leadership” caring about anything but ripping off tax $ and being obsessed with what is good for them, including an obsession with being re-elected.

With air travel , etc., it seems like it may be impossible to control the virus.  

The first political event leading to the November 2020 elections was yesterday, with many morning to come. 

Somehow, the election seems to overshadow everyone else this year.  I think it obviously will be important to get rid of the scummy lying criminal and make sure he doesn’t get to continue to destroy the country and world.

I think the worst effect is the way the lying coward lunatic has made lying, criminal behavior and demeaning lying personal attacks somehow “acceptable”. 

I was reading about the criminal dictator Noriega and how he declared an election “void” because of vote fraud.  Sounds familiar to me. 

Hopefully the snow will take another direction.  I was spoiled by the 79 degree weather last weekend!

That’s it for now, Tuesday, February 4, 2020.


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