2020 Winter February 5 2020

 28 degrees this morning, feels like 93% humidity.

Yesterday started off like the freezing rain was going to start a day early, but soon settled for just being cold and nasty.

Snowing here now, which means this will probably be an “office day”.  As they say, I know how to drive in the snow, it just that no one else does! 

Anyway, if I do have an office day, I certainly have  a lot I need to get done.  

Making a priority of getting my office organized.  After almost six years, that is probably a good idea.  I got rid of a lot of stuff tonight and organized it some, still have a ways to go.

I am trying to make it so it is a “sustainable” organization, that is, I can keep it organized with just a little bit of time.  

I have file cabinets , etc., it is just a matter of taking the time to “handle each piece of paper only once,” where I it is possible.  

On of the problems is I have a lot of items I don’t really need in my office.  Fortunately we have a lot of storage space in the house, I just need to take it from my office and store it, and then remember where I stored it! 

Anyway, I will keep working on it. 

Part of the problem with my job is I spend so much time proving I am getting something done, I can’t get everything done!  I figure I spent at least 2 hours of the 8 hour day just proving I did it.  Some\of it is absolutely necessary (such as documenting actions), some of it is totally ridiculous and infuriates  me since it is such a waste of my time.  

A shameful performance by the lying coward lunatic and his cowering coward toadies last night.  While I didn’t waste my time watching it, (I can’t stand got watch the arrogant lying clown),  I heard enough to wonder if he really believes Americans are that dumb.  

He stood there and flat lied and his cowering cowards actually clapped.  Sickening.  

I just did my taxes and, again, I felt a real anger that this lying coward lunatic who has shoveled trillions of our tax $ to his donors, buddies and lobbyists, and raised our taxes has the gall to lie so much. 

I just figure the one adage “what comes around goes around” will prove true in his case   Such a shameful embarrassment to have such a scum like him as president.  

Unfortunately, our new governor (who as I said ran on the basis he knew nothing about governing and is proving it every day) is proving how inept a governor can be.  

Somehow  he feels he has to emulate the lying coward lunatic and has started such bad management actions as “cutting two regulations for every one,” without any examination of whether the regulations are good or bad , etc. One of his first actions is attacking the State employees trying to bring back the spoils system, etc.

Another dream this morning, about motels and travel again.  (I don’t remember enough to go into the details.)  I haven’t remember a dream enough to write it down for several months.  I always like to rememberer my dreams long enough to write them down, but it seems to run in cycles.  Maybe that is the way of dreams.  

That’s it for now, Wednesday, February 5,  2020.



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