2020 Winter February 6 Thursday

 20 degrees this morning, 87% humidity 

Snowing yesterday morning, high was 31 degrees, so not much snow melted yesterday! 

Since the main offices were closed, I did an “office day”  since I didn’t want to drive in the snow, or have to get out of the car on slick roads.

I got a lot done. Nothing better than an office day without a lot of phone calls , etc.  I’m not sure how much it snowed, but enough to make the roads slick.  There were a lot of wrecks , etc.  

I got my new assignments today, so it was perfect for an Office Day.  I got a lot of research done, preparing for field days , etc.  It takes a lot more time than you think it would to prepare for a field day, especially doing enough research , etc. 

I really enjoy doing the research, just wish I had more time to do more  complete research on it. 

Reading a book about the Civil War (They Met at Gettysburg).  What is interesting is it was written in 1956.  It is rather interesting to read a book and realize the Civil War was still less than 100 years  old at that time.  

I know that history can “change” over time, and it will be interesting to read a book written in 1956 and then one written years later (or years before) and see how the interpretation changes.  

I went to a conference once at Gettysburg that was a “field conference”.  The concept was, what would we have done if we had been City Managers of a small town and had to deal with a major battle, with resulting problems of medical help, disposing of numerous dead , etc.  

It was very enlightening and enjoyable, something I really remember.  

I had always thought “Pickett’s Charge” had been a victory for some reason, after the visit I realized it was a major disaster and exceedingly stupid.  

We walked the exact path of “Pickett’s Charge” and I can understand why it was more like a turkey shoot, so to speak.  

Although war is war, I was especially surprised by some of the brutality of the battles.  in one the soldiers got trapped in a bowl type of area and were just picked off, somewhat like in Pickett’s Charge. The only thing is the soldiers in the “bowl” didn’t really pose a threat, while Pickett’s Charge posed a threat.  

Through it all, only one citizen of Gettysburg was killed and she was killed by a stray bullet.  

I hadn’t heard before that before the battle, many of the citizens moved their valuables (and anything the either army would want) out of their homes since they knew the armies would take what they needed!

Snow hasn’t melted much, so I plan on taking another Office Day today and do my field day tomorrow!  Hopefully I can continue the productivity. 

That’s it for now, Thursday, February 6, 2020.

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