2020 Winter February 7 Friday

3i0 degrees this morning, 73% humidity.  

Yesterday was a lot better (also extremely cold) than Wednesday, but still was cold and I did an “office day’ and stayed in.  It was as low as 18 degrees yesterday morning.  

Update on our repairs, our microwave got fixed  under the “warranty plan”.  Also since they can’t fix it, the “extended warranty” is reimbursing me for the purchase price of the printer.

I have the hassle of buying another printer, which can be fun, but also stressful (in a matter of speaking), since a bad printer can be very, very bad.  

I have gotten used to a copier so that is a consideration.  Also, my scanner is about to  be “teched out”  (I know that isn’t the right word), so a good scanner would be welcome.

I think I can get an update to my scanner so it will work with the next upgrade of Apple.  I think that happened with  my last printer.  It was a great printer and then something about I needed to download an update for it.  

The snow has basically melted, although there is still a lot of snow on the lawns , etc. The roads are basically clean.

The lying coward lunatic was a true embarrassment this morning as he displayed his true scummy, vicious, ignorant and vindictive nature at a Prayer Breakfast yet.  He is sick and the Senators who egged Him on are sicker.

I expect there will be a “payback,” but not the type the lying coward lunatic is thinking of.

His using of the government to go after his “enemies”  (defined as anyone who doesn’t kiss his boots and fawn over him) is criminal and hopefully he will spend time in jail for his criminal activities.

His scummy son was even worse, a real loser to say the least.  He reminds me of a coward bully who is always kicking people when he thinks they are down, but wimps and wails when someone stands up to him.  

I heard today that the sunlight is out 45 minutes longer than on December 21.  That is a good start towards summer!  

I am really looking forward to Summer again.  It is about 3 months away from Summer, but at least there are striating to be indications of it!  

Going out “in the field” today.  The two “office days” were nice and I could even use another one, but it also will be nice to go “in the field” again also.  Both of them have their good points.

That’s it for now, Friday, February 7, 2020.  

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