2020 Winter February 8 Saturday

 37 degrees this morning, 70% humidity

Yesterday was basically a “nice” day, cold, but sunny and little wind.  High of 52 degrees.  

Strange how some decisions assume an importance way beyond their actual scope.  An example is the my office chair.  A chair is important in that I sit in it 8 hours 2 days a week and an hour or so 3 days a week.  

I think the reason it assumes such an importance is that somehow it assumes an importance way beyond the cost.  I think emotionally I feel that once I buy a chair, I will need to live with it for years, so it becomes an important issue. 

Realistically I could just junk it if I don’t return it in the return period, but it is hard emotionally to do so!

However if I really look at the cost, it really isn’t a big deal if I make a mistake (and can’t return it).  Actually with a credit card I have, I can “return” it for 90 days, even if the merchant won’t accept a return.  

Realistically an office chair is important, but, relatively speaking, the cost is almost insignificant compared to the costs of other purchases in our lives.  

I like to compare a purchase to a meal, since the meal “disappears”.  (Or an airplane ticket or taxes , etc.)  

Ditto the purchase of a printer, except that I have an office chair (which is so ratty, even the pest control person told me to get another chair).  However no matter how ratty, it still is a chair!

On the other hand, I don’t have a printer, so I will need to decide on a printer soon.  The main thing I want about a printer is one that will work and be reliable!

Amazing that it is already February 8.  Time is really going fast. 

I especially notice how fast time moves when I think of the projects I have planned, but haven’t accomplished.

I am starting to get back to exercise, it is just that I am not coughing and I don’t want to do anything that will start it again.  One Doctor even told me he has patients who simply can’t exercise outside due to allergies or asthma.

Hopefully that will not be the case for me, but I’ll soon find out.  I don’t want to start in cold weather, since that is more likely to create problems.

Reading some more in the book about Gettysburg.  I was surprised to learn that the armies frequently “stole” food from the citizens , etc., although some of the Orders specified that “market rate” was to be paid for food, etc.  

However, the book cites some research shortly after Gettysburg that verifies substantial theft and vandalism , etc.  It is strange that I hadn’t seen this before, although maybe it was there an I just didn’t consciously notice it.  

Probably also, this is one of the few battles fought in the North. 

That’s it or now, Saturday, February 8, 2020.

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