2020 Winter February 9 Sunday

55 degrees this morning, 70% humidity, Wind 20 mph.

Yesterday was a nice, if cold day.  The wind at times made it seem a lot colder.  

30 minutes on stationary bike this morning, hopefully expand exercising  in the near future to walking and swimming.  

So far, I haven’t started coughing again, and my top priority is to avoid anything that will start me coughing again , etc. 

I don’t know if it as something I am allergic to when I walk outside, I assume it is.  I intend some limited exercise and see what happens.

The Doctor told me that some people just can’t exercise outside due to their allergic reactions.  I hope I”m not one of them!  

After my recent episodes, I would have to say the coughing , etc., is worse than having to exercise inside!  I’ll just take it easy and see.  

Went to a Mike Bloomberg Rally last night.  It was interesting, probably the first Presidential rally I have ever attended where the candidate was present.  “Judge Judy” introduced him, not sure of who she is. 

While I don’t know who I will vote for yet, he presented the issues well and, most of all, emphasized his goal is to get the lying coward lunatic and his cowering toadies out of office.  (He didn’t use those exact words.)  

The excitement , etc., was interesting, and, I believe he accomplished his purpose of getting support for his platform.  

I wish he had gotten into the race sooner, but I guess I need to wait and see.  

There is no doubt the lying coward lunatic and his cowering toadies need to be ousted from office by the voters.  They are really getting scary with their illegal and criminal actions.  

That is the classic problem of someone who has only toadies around who fawn on a leader and only praise him when he is too stupid to realize they are only kowtowing to him to get money and “power”..  Of course the lying coward lunatic has eliminated anyone who tells him the truth about his insane and criminal actions.  

Soon we will have in this house 4 years, I believe February 17.  How time does fly!  

We have been considering “downsizing,” primarily because of the difficulty in finding someone who is competent to do repairs or maintenance that are needed for the house.  

However, as I mentioned before, it seems that “Senior Housing’ means being warehoused in a tiny apartment at excessive cost.  There are some exceptions, but the typical development seems  to get a “variance” and maximize  the number of units .  Good for the developer, not got for the renters. 

That’s it for now, Sunday, February 9, 2020.  


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