2020 Winter February 10 Monday

33 degrees this morning (feels like 24 degrees)  71% humidity

Yesterday had a high of 67 degrees, so it was a reasonably good day, although the wind was a little high.  

Supposed to be cold most of the day and chances of rain starting late morning, with the changes increasing later today.

30 minutes on stationary bicycle this morning, felt good to get some exercise. 

 Fortunately, my work also involves a lot of walking when I am in the field, so it isn’t like I haven’t been getting any exercise.  

I still miss the early morning outdoor walks and the outdoor bicycle rides.

Read this morning that the governor who ran on the basis he didn’t know anything about governing and is proving it very day is planning to spend over a million dollars to a “consultant” to study state government. Not all of state government but just two agencies!   They didn’t say how much the firm “donated” to the politicians involved!  

Of course, a local expensive law firm that I”m sure has made some healthy donations is going to do some work, no amount specified.  With attorney’s, that can get very expensive fast!

I am always surprised at the amount of money paid to  “outside consultants”  to “save” money.  Of course, somehow they always come up with some fancy scheme that only they can implement at an extremely high cost and that is reversed in several years since it doesn’t work at another  huge cost to taxpayers and a lot of the work now done by high priced “consultants” after they have “downsized” the employees who performed the work at a reasonable price.

Ever since radio started listing the singers and song title, I am usually surprised to see who the actual signer of a song is.  

For some reason, I have always “assumed” that certain songs were sung by a specific singer and so it is always surprising when I see who actually sings the song.  

Today, I used “Shazam” to listen to a song “The Loco-Motion” and found it was sung by someone I have never heard of before.  

The one I heard today was sung by “Kylie Minogue” in 1988.  I was curious since I have never heard of her (although I think her version is the one I remember most).  

It was actually written by Gerry Goffin and Carole King (another surprise that Carole King co-wrote it).  It was written as a song first and then became a dance craze.

Also it appeared in the US top five 3 times, each time in a different decade!  It was popular in 1962 (Little Eva, #1), in 1974 (also # 1) by Grand Funk Railroad (another big surprise that Grand Funk Railroad ever performed it)! and Kylie Minogue in 1988.

Amazing what you can find on Google!

That’s it for now, Monday, February 10, 2020.


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