2020 Winter February 11 Tuesday

 36 degrees this morning, 91% humidity.

Yesterday was a miserable day, cold and like rain most of day  Nothing worse than cold and showers!

Getting very tired of Winter, definitely ready for Spring!  Somehow this Winter seems worse than usual, not the snow, or ice, but just the daily cold the daily grind of low temperatures and cold rain.  

Got my office printer replaced today!  Thank goodness for that, now I hope I can find a decent personal printer.  

I have been researching printers for my personal use and generally found that printers are always a problem, very few printers are available that don’t have jamming and other problems on a regular basis.  

I was disappointed, and frankly enraged to find out that the state computer support is being contracted out to a “private contractor” who of course will substantially increase their price and provide inferior service.  The “lowest price” in a case like this is normally worth what you pay for it.

That is the major problem with people who think “government is like a private business”.  Of course, they don’t run their businesses that way, screwing employees, contracting based on the lowest price, and otherwise destroying the organization and cutting rules without reviewing if they are valuable or not. (Regulations in the case of government. )

By the time the residents realize they are receiving inferior service at vastly increased price, the responsible  “politicians” are somewhere else, probably enjoying the “donations” they received from the companies.  

It seems like the fiasco of “private prisons” would have been enough warning.  Private enterprise is excellent in some areas, but it is horrible in others where it is too hard to measure the quality of service.  

Private prisons are chronically short staffed (thus adding to their profits while providing inferior service) but instead of getting their fees reduced for the reduced service, they only get “warnings” and regular fee increases!  

Heard a speech in Toastmasters last night summarizing some of the ideas in the book “Atomic Habits”    I have heard of it but haven’t read or listened to it.

Like all self-help books it sounds like it basically repackages common sense, but sometimes it is valuable to be reminded of “common sense” steps to take.  

The speaker reviewed some the basic steps of how to get back into completing projects (such as exercise , etc.).  I need to review some of the steps as I get back into the exercise habits!

That’s it for now, Tuesday, February 11, 2020.

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