2020 Winter February 12 Wednesday

 38 degrees this morning, 93% humidity Supposed to be about the same temperature and rain all day.

Yesterday was reasonably nice.  Cold in the morning, high of 45 degrees.  Had an “office day,” so I wasn’t out much.

Unfortunately I have a “field day” today that I can’t change unless it turns to ice.  A miserable day ahead!  

Still looking at printers and office chairs!  While I won’t spend a large amount of money for either one, as I mentioned before, all I really want is a printer that works, doesn’t jam and doesn’t eat ink!  

While I don’t like the HP requirement that an owner use HP ink, really this is the only option for any printer, since the “optional” ink is normally of poor quality.  At least you can’t trust it.

Even the printers I get at work, while normally reliable,  have lemons.  I just had a lemon, and of course I was fortunate that I had IT department to rely on.  

I’m still looking, I’m tempted to get the HP laser printer like I had for years that never had any problems until it just got obsolete and it wouldn’t connect to my computer.  Probably I could have downloaded something for it.  

While it is tempting to buy it form Amazon etc, I am more likely to buy from a company that promises to repair it and troubleshoot it locally!  With the problems I’ve had with printers, it should make sense.  

The chair is a little different in that I just haven’t found that “perfect” chair.  Of course the closest to “perfect” I have found is also the most expensive, which I assume, is fairly common!  

Slowly reading the  book “They Meet at Gettysburg”.  Slowly because I don’t want to get in a hurry to read it.  

As I mentioned before, I am already learning nuances that, as much as I have read about it, I am still surprised at what I learned.  

ICMA (International City Manager Association) s having another “Gettysburg” Study group.

I actually went to the first one, they have had one each year since.   It would be interesting to go again and see how my viewpoint has changed.  I think I went about 10 years ago and I have read a lot about it since. 

Not looking forward to a rainy, cold day ahead, but at least one more day of Winter will be finished!


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