2020 Winter February 13 Thursday

29 Degrees this morning, 79% humidity 

Forecast is for 19  degrees with a 6 degrees windchill!

Yesterday was 30’s and light rain all day.  Miserable, but it would have been a lot worse with heavy rain or colder weather. 

I started  journal writing years ago, in fact since 1986, with some disruptions or spots when I didn’t write for various periods.  

I have written continuously on a daily basis since 2013 and general started this type of journal in 2003, with  various gaps!

Prior to that, I wrote with pen in journals or in various forms on the computer.  Actually I wrote on the computer for myself for years, although some of the disks are no longer readable. 


Actually, I have never just gone back and read my journals, which I thought was the primary reason I started it.  I thought I would go back and learn from my errors or right decisions, but that isn’t the case!

Of course, I should never say never.  

Actually I wish I had started in when I was a lot younger.  I think if I had started it when I was a teenager, I could have reviewed my journals and maybe learned from my mistakes as well as my good decisions!

However, I learned a long time ago not to dwell on regrets, especially ones you can ’t do something about.  

I’m glad I stated it when I did.  Actually when I kept a written journal, I wrote almost every day, something I was pleased about since I was the only one who 

knew if I missed! 

Obviously what I write is different, since I wouldn’t write some things if I know someone else will see it, but on the other hand, I’m sure I are different

I assume what I write is what is on my mind.  In spite of occasionally “venting,” I try to keep it relatively positive.  

Sometimes when I have to think about what to write but usually it just is there and seems to flow from my fingers or maybe from my mind.  

Sometimes if it doesn’t flow, I wonder if my life is getting boring or non-eventful or at least not worth writing about!

Fortunately it is not usually a problem.  

That’s it for now, Thursday, February 13, 2020.

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