2020 Winter February 14 Friday

21 degrees this morning, 61% humidity.  

Yesterday was cold to say the least.  Started the day at 19 degrees (31 when I got up, so it dropped fast). 

I had an office day, so I was out some, but not like on a field day.  High of 35 degrees, higher than the 25 degree high they forecast.  

Today I have a field day, and is supposed to be 20 degrees at 7:00 a.m. and eventually get up to 43 degrees at 5:00 p.m. Hopefully it will warm up fast.  

Today is also Valentine’s Day.

Thinking of the “bean counters” who know nothing about the actual work, but that the governor hired as a “government is like private business” gambit, which might sound good in political speeches, but is nonsense.  

While I see little of what is actually happening, what little I see makes me feel like we are the players in a game by people who know nothing, but are trying out their pet theories on us.  Theories manufactured in “think tanks” enjoying tax exempt status yet!

Kind of like rats in a maze!  The “rat keepers” play all kinds of games testing their pet theories with no knowledge of, or care what actually may make the rats more productive, so to speak and how their “tests” affect the rats.  

In the process, people lose their long-term jobs just because of the whims of some beancounter who doesn’t know anything about the actual process and never will, nor really cares.  

They just want to test their pet theories of “efficiency” and  when they ultimately fail and harms hundreds of employees and thousands of citizens, they just go on to another “connected” job somewhere that they know nothing about and the game continues for them, until they become a “test” project someplace. 

I always like to think of the old saying “what goes around comes around” when I see people like this.  

Reminds me of a Mayor in a previous city who thought he knew everything and really harmed a lot of employees and the city with his ignorant greedy actions.  Many of his actions were just stupid and the results of stupidity on his part and failure to listen.  

Anyway, it is good to be able to retire if I want to, but I sure feel sorry for the people who really can’t leave and have to suffer through this foolishness.  

That’s it for now, Friday, February 14, 2020.


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